bubble wrapped

I think I am developing an addiction towards bubble baths
especially after we’ve spend two hours in the gym



the inside of a snow globe

I woke up to find a white fairytale outside and I should admit - I am quite happy, 
because I'd always liked cozy white winters with huge snow drifts
even the cat is acting surprisingly friendly today and if it was December
I would've said that it's a Christmas miracle 

I took my love down to violet hillThere we sat in snowAll that time she was silent still

So if you love meWon't you let me know? 



on a cold day like this I can’t think of anything better to do
than being comfortably wrapped in bed with the cat purring next to me 
and a good movie on the TV


rush of sugar to the head

Spending a weekend with Lexi and tons of sweet sugary things
makes me think about having kids and it's a seriously scary thought
being the control freak I am I have no idea how will I deal with all the mess, 
screaming, food stains and who knows what else kind of stains... 
I guess love makes all of these things insignificant and tiny
I mean, non of them can even compare with tying your daughter's hair into a pony tail
not to mention holding her untill she falls a sleep or reading her a story