458. warmth

this time I'm so calm.
usualy I steal moments... touches. two or three times whe shook hands. and that's all for the 8 months we know each other.

this time is soft.
like cotton... without the stickiness and the way it dyes your fingertips in pink or in that strange green-bluish colour.

and I'm actually surprised to find out that I'm able to love different people in so many and various ways.

this time is easy.
now I'm not crazy, my head is still on my shoulders and the brain living in it is still there too.
only my stomach aches when I expect to see him. but I'm okay with it... at least I think so. there's no drama and I miss it just a bit. (I know, I know... but you're a drama queen too, so don't give me that look.)

love him?
Hell yes!